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Recreational Therapy addresses the challenges individuals have by using activities they already love or introducing them to and exploring new, therapeutic leisure pursuits. This gives the individual an opportunity to explore and help them become more independent and face their unique challenges.  Therapy directly impacts the person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Recreational Therapists utilize a systematic, evidence-based treatment approach to meet personal goals and identified needs utilizing leisure activities - either as a stand-alone therapy service or as part of a support team.


Recreational Therapy can help:

Build self-confidence

Assist in recovery and improvement of basic motor function

Improve cognition

Increase socialization

Develop appropriate social skills

Increase emotional resilience

Develop a positive leisure lifestyle

Reduce anxiety and depression

Increase strength and well-being

Cultivate empathy

Reduce stress

Cultivate a sense of purpose in life

Develop meaningful relationships

And much more


Some of the many therapeutic activities include:

Arts and Crafts

Creative Expression

Physical Activities


Community Integration

Leisure Education

Music, Dance, and Drama

Horticulture Activities


Horse and Pet Therapy

Team Building


Social Experiences

Outdoor Activities and Adventures

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