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OBSS currently has job openings for Recreational Therapists in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, as well as, Southern Indiana.

Medicaid waiver recreational therapy services are intended to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate an individual in order improve the individual’s functioning and independence and/or to reduce or eliminate the effects of an individual’s disability. Reimbursable activities under Recreational Therapy services include the following:  Organizing and directing adapted sports, dramatics, arts and crafts, social activities, and other recreation services designed to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate. Planning, reporting, and write-up when in association with the actual one-on-one direct care/therapy service delivery with the waiver participant.

Recreational Therapy addresses the challenges individuals have by using activities they already love or introducing them to and exploring new, therapeutic leisure pursuits. This gives the individual an opportunity to explore and help them become more independent and face their unique challenges. Therapy directly impacts the person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Recreational Therapists utilize a systematic, evidence-based treatment approach to meet personal goals and identified needs utilizing leisure activities - either as a stand-alone therapy service or as part of a support team.


Recreational Therapy can help:

    Build self-confidence / Increase socialization

    Assist in recovery and improvement of basic motor function

    Improve cognition   

    Develop appropriate social skills

    Increase emotional resilience

    Develop a positive leisure lifestyle

    Reduce anxiety and depression /     Reduce stress

    Increase strength and well-being

    Cultivate empathy

    Cultivate a sense of purpose in life

    Develop meaningful relationships

Some of the many therapeutic activities include:

    Arts and Crafts

    Creative Expression

    Physical Activities / Sports

    Community Integration

    Leisure Education

    Music, Dance, and Drama

    Horticulture Activities


    Horse and Pet Therapy

    Team Building


    Social Experiences

    Outdoor Activities and Adventures


Recreational Therapist Requirements   

1. Evidence that a criminal history search was obtained from every state (including the Indiana Central Repository at and county, wherever located, in which an owner, officer, director, employee, contractor, subcontractor, or agent involved in the management, administration, or provision of services has resided and/or worked during the three years before the criminal history investigation was requested at the time of hiring, per 460 IAC 6-10-5(b)(9)(d) and DDRS Policy;


2. Copy of a current driver’s license for each employee/agent who transports individuals in a motor vehicle, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(b)(6) and verification that the employee/agent is at least 18 years of age, per 460 IAC 6-14-5(1


3. For employee/agent who transport individuals in their personal automobiles: Proof of current automobile insurance, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(3) and 460 IAC 6-34-3;


4. A negative TB screening dated prior to the employee providing services for all employees/agents, including administrative and clerical staff, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(b)(1). (Most common documentation is a signed and dated statement from the health department or other entity authorized to screen for TB. Evidence of a negative chest x-ray is required for individuals with a positive skin test, followed by annual symptom screenings by a licensed medical professional. A health screening signed by a licensed medical professional is required in the case of pregnancy.);


5. A record of current CPR and First Aid certification by the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the National Safety Council, the American Health and Safety Institute, or the Emergency Care and Safety Council, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(b)(2). Excludes "hands-only" certification programs.


6. Verification of a professional nurse registry search for professionally-licensed employees/agents (including the owner, officer, director, employee, contractor, subcontractor or agent) that is free of citations for malpractice, malfeasance, or other unprofessional actions per 460 IAC 6-10-5(d) and DDRS Policy: Documentation of Criminal Histories.

7.  A bachelor or master's degree in recreational therapy or related field.

8. Required Certification - Certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreational Certificate (NCTRC)

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