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OBSS currently has job openings for Behavior Consultants in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, as well as Southern Indiana.


Behavior Support Services Independent Contractor Job Description

Behavioral supports are an array of services designed to support individuals who are experiencing or are likely to experience challenges accessing, and actively participating in the community as a result of behavioral, social, or emotional challenges. Behavioral support services are intended to empower individuals and families (by leveraging their strengths and unique abilities) to achieve self-determination, interdependence, productivity, integration and inclusion in all facets of community life, across all environments, across the lifespan. 


Completing the functional behavioral assessment: this includes observation, environmental assessment, record reviews, interviews, data collection, complete psychosocial and biomedical history to identify targeted behaviors, the function of those behaviors, and to hypothesize the underlying need for new learning. Based on the principals of person-centered thinking and positive behavioral support, the assessment process should inform the recommendations for development of the behavioral support plan.

Developing a comprehensive behavioral support plan and subsequent revisions: this includes devising proactive and reactive strategies designed to support the participant. Any restrictive techniques employed as part of the behavioral support plan must be approved by a human rights committee, be time-limited, and regularly reviewed for elimination or reduction of the restrictive techniques to ensure appropriate reduction in these interventions over time.

Obtaining consensus of the IST that the behavioral support plan is feasible for implementation and uses the least restrictive methods possible.

Supporting the participant in learning new, positive behaviors as outlined in the behavioral support plan. This may include coping strategies, improving interpersonal relationships, or other positive strategies to reduce targeted behaviors and increase quality of life.

Training staff, family members, housemates, or other IST members on the implementation of the behavioral support plan.

Consulting with team members to achieve the outcomes of assessment and behavioral support planning.

Concurrent service delivery of behavioral support services with other approved Medicaid services is allowable under the following conditions: The service being provided concurrently with behavioral support services is not similar in nature, does not have a similar purpose, and does not promote similar outcomes to behavioral support services.  The need for the concurrent service is clearly documented in the behavioral support plan, and outlines the individualized assessed need, and how the behavioral support service will support or contribute to the specified need.   

Behavior Consultant Requirements

1. Evidence that a criminal history search was obtained from every state (including the Indiana Central Repository at and county, wherever located, in which an owner, officer, director, employee, contractor, subcontractor, or agent involved in the management, administration, or provision of services has resided and/or worked during the three years before the criminal history investigation was rcquested at the time of hiring, per 460 IAC 6-10-5(b)(9)(d) and DDRS Policy;


2. Copy of a current driver’s license for each employee/agent who transports individuals in a motor vehicle, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(b)(6) and verification that the employee/agent is at least 18 years of age, per 460 IAC 6-14-5(1


3. For employee/agent who transport individuals in their personal automobiles: Proof of current automobile insurance, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(3) and 460 IAC 6-34-3;


4. A negative TB screening dated prior to the employee providing services for all employees/agents, including administrative and clerical staff, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(b)(1). (Most common documentation is a signed and dated statement from the health department or other entity authorized to screen for TB. Evidence of a negative chest x-ray is required for individuals with a positive skin test, followed by annual symptom screenings by a licensed medical professional. A health screening signed by a licensed medical professional is required in the case of pregnancy.)


5. A record of current CPR certification by the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the National Safety Council, the American Health and Safety Institute, or the Emergency Care and Safety Council, per 460 IAC 6-15-2(b)(2). Excludes "hands-only" certification programs.


6. Verification of a professional nurse registry search for professionally-licensed employees/agents (including the owner, officer, director, employee, contractor, subcontractor or agent) that is free of citations for malpractice, malfeasance, or other unprofessional actions per 460 IAC 6-10-5(d) and DDRS Policy: Documentation of Criminal Histories.


7. Verification that the Consultant either: has a master’s degree in:

clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, or another applied health service area of psychology; special education; social work; or counseling; or be a licensed marriage and family therapist licensed under IC 25-23; or be a licensed clinical social worker under IC 25-23; or be a licensed mental health counselor under IC 25-23; or have a master’s degree in a human services field and be able to demonstrate to the BDDS behavior management committee that the individual has either coursework in or five (5) years of experience in devising, implementing, and monitoring behavior support plans.

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