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Natalie Morehouse received her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education in 2018 from Indiana University Bloomington. Natalie taught in many different classroom settings including a Life Skills, Behavior Support, and Functional Academics classroom. During this time, Natalie realized how passionate she was about behavior and creating exceptionally supportive spaces for people with disabilities. She then earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Behavior from American College of Education. Natalie loves working with all people who have disabilities and is passionate about building advocacy and self-management skills. When Natalie is not supporting clients, she can be found cuddling her two cats and dog or exploring with her husband, Matthew. Natalie also loves reading, playing video games (especially Animal Crossing), and listening to Taylor Swift.

Natalie Morehouse is accepting referrals in Indy (North and NW), Brownsburg, Speedway, and Clermont. 

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