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Hello, my name is Delma Suber. When my 10-year-old son was diagnosed with autism, my entire world shifted. This forced me to advocate for my son in the school system, with many roadblocks — I had to start from square one. “I didn’t really know what to do,”, “There wasn’t a blueprint; I just learned as I went.” My battle began as soon as my son’s school learned about the diagnosis. Immediately, I felt a shift in the way he was viewed, especially as a minority child. After noticing the changes, I was determined to transform the dynamic. My first step was creating what I call a “parent toolkit”, which assisted me in becoming an advocate. Advocacy is what led me to Behavioral services. The three components that comes with any developmental diagnosis is how will I parent, how can I support the school and how do I prepare my child to live in his or her community. As a Behavioral Consultant I lead with these principals in mind. I have been a Behavioral Consultant for 4 years. What drives me is equipping are families for their future. I know families need my support so I here to deliver the services they need. Delma is currently taking clients in and around the Indianapolis area.

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