About Us

Welcome to Outward Bound Support Services, LLC!


We are delighted that you are interested in finding out about the services we offer to persons of all ages participating in the Community Integration & Habilitation (CIH) and Family Supports Waiver (FSW).

Our agency started in May 2018 with just two Behavior Consultants, Jennifer David and Brooke Love. A few months later, two new Behavior Consultants joined OBSS and, within the first year of business, OBSS doubled in size in both the number of Behavior Consultants and persons being served.

Our agency immediately saw the need for families to have access to participant assistance and care services (PAC) in order to assist with helping their loved one live safely and successfully in the community. Therefore, in May 2019, we added PAC services and a few months later, we hired our first recreational therapist in the Indianapolis area.

Our mission at Outward Bound Support Services, LLC is to provide positive supports to persons, families and caregivers living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury and autism. It is our goal to help those that we serve live the life that they want! We strive to help them make connections, engage in meaningful relationships and activities and empower them to be their best self and advocate for themselves.

Thanks again for your interest in Outward Bound Support Services, we look forward to hearing from you!


Jennifer David, Owner